The Two Most Important Skills You Need In University

If there is one thing we stress here at Starfoile it’s that once you know how the university system works and have developed the necessary skills and work habits the good grades tend to follow. Today we’re going to focus on skills, specifically the two that you absolutely, positively need to master in order to do well in university.

Just what are the two? They are…

Study Skills
Getting good at studying is a pre-requisite for doing well in university. Once you develop proper studying technique exams become far less stressful and much easier to prepare for.

Master study skills and it’ll go a long way when it comes to getting great grades

Essay Writing Skills
Most students will have to write an essay at some part of their degree and given that they often account for at least 25% of a class’s final mark they’re an important skill to have. Knowing how to write them properly can make all the difference to your GPA.

Learning these two skills is a must for doing well with your studies. That’s why we created The Good Grades Guide, to help busy students learn to study better and write amazing essays. If your skills could use a tune-up then be sure to pick yourself up a copy.