New Students: A Step-by-Step Guide of What’s Ahead

If you’re just starting university then you’re in for one amazing ride. You will make friends which last the rest of your life and have experiences you’ll always carry with you. You will find out who you are as a person and learn what is important to you. And yes, you will get to spend time socializing and having fun…without your parents looking over your shoulders.

It’s going to be great.

Through all this it is of extreme importance that you not lose track of why you’re attending university in the first place: To learn, to do well in school, and ultimately to get a degree.

As you pursue your studies it is immensely important that you strive for high grades. It might be hard to see now but in three or four years you will likely be applying for either a real job or a graduate position. Good grades makes opening those doors vastly easier.

University is great, but it’s also difficult too. When you first enter university there are many of new challenges you will have to face. You’ll have to choose a major and face exams and essays far more difficult than anything you’ve encountered so far. Many students find the workload difficult to manage, and on top of this you will need to balance your remaining time between looking after yourself and having a social life.

It’s a lot and it isn’t easy to manage it all. That’s why this site exists, to prepare you for the academic part of university. We’ve put together a collection of killer articles to get you started, and if you want the complete package we’ve also created a guide specifically aimed to help you get good grades.

From here you can either check out the articles or that guide called The Good Grades Guide.

We wish you the best of luck with your studies.