How To Know When You Are Ready For An Exam

Bad news students, the truth is you probably will never be 100% ready for an exam (well, except perhaps in a bird class or two). This is because the ridiculous amount of work to be completed over a term makes it literally impossible to know everything.

This is where the challenge lies: how do you know when you’re actually ready for an exam if you don’t know everything? Try asking yourself the following questions…

  • Do I know all the major topics covered in the course?
  • Do I know the major definitions?
  • Can I answer the questions most likely to appear on the exam?
  • Do I have a good grasp of the peripheral or less important material covered throughout the course?
  • Is there anything I don’t know but should? Have I missed any critical concepts?
  • Have I looked at sample and past exams?

When those answers all come back the way you want them too it’s pretty safe to say that you’re ready.