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Sometimes you’ll get a little bit behind with your studies. A semester is just a brief four months and it passes by in a blur. Sure the blurry effect could have been alcohol induced but hey, at least you had fun.

Only now it’s exam time and like a slap in the face you realize you may be screwed. Exams are sneaking up and you start to hyperventilate as the panic wells up. Flipping through your notes you realize you missed more than your fair share of lectures. Your textbook? Still in its plastic wrap. It’s a horror story waiting to happen.

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When exams are bearing down on you it’s oh-so-tempting to stay up late to cram in as much information in as you possibly can. Most of the time this is a rather poor strategy to use, though if you’ve skipped out on studying all semester and have an exam at 9:00 tomorrow morning then staying up all night is your only real choice.

For the rest of the students out there, come exam time the last thing on your mind should be late night study sessions.

There are three really strong reasons why you should just pack it in at an appropriate time…

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For science students labs will always be a rather complicated and painful part of your university experience. That’s not to say they’re not fun from time to time, though most students do find them rather arduous.

When it comes to surviving labs here is everything you need to know…

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If you take a quick glance around the internet you’ll find plenty of writers recommending young people skip university. You’ll hear examples of exceptional people who made it big, arguments against how much it costs, and often people claiming that they didn’t go and are doing alright themselves.

These are all good points but we have to disagree with the the idea that skipping university is a good thing. We think that the vast majority of you with your eyes set on higher education should attend. Here are a just a few reasons why…

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Scattered across the internet are a plethora of resources available freely to university students. Here we’ve compiled some great websites and free programs. Check them out!

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Pretty much every university student ends up with group work at some part in their college careers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a group can make an otherwise massive project drastically easier to finish. Often times you’ll end up with a great group and everything will go smoothly.

Unfortunately you’ll occasionally get stuck with a group that just can’t seem to make anything happen, which is a bad thing when you have a massive project deadline bearing down on you. Here is a list of survival strategies for when this occurs:

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There are two notable parts to university success. The first is academic and obviously very important. If you’re wondering how to consistently score great grades then be sure to check out The Good Grades Guide.

The second part isn’t discussed as much but it’s nearly as important: A large part of your university success is determined by what you take away when you have completed your degree.

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The freshman fifteen is a blight experienced by many first year students. The influx of alcohol, cafeteria food, absence of high school sports, and lack of parents helping them moderate their diets can really…well, add fifteen or so pounds.

A person who can resist falling into this trap by eating a balanced diet while getting appropriate amounts of exercise will reap a plethora of rewards which will help them massively when it comes to their studies.

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If there is one thing we stress here at Starfoile it’s that once you know how the university system works and have developed the necessary skills and work habits the good grades tend to follow. Today we’re going to focus on skills, specifically the two that you absolutely, positively need to master in order to do well in university.

Just what are the two? They are…

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